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  • How to Prevent Slip and Falls in the Winter

    You must take precautions to avoid getting hurt during the winter season. Snow and ice can accumulate outside, making surfaces slippery. Anyone can slip and fall, requiring treatment for a sprained ankle, broken wrist, or concussion.

    Preventing a fall is possible by taking the necessary steps to stay safe when encountering hazardous weather. You should pay attention to where you walk and follow these suggestions to avoid accidents.

    Tips to Prevent a Slip and Fall in Winter

    You can prevent a slip and fall by exercising extreme caution in the winter and following these safety tips:

    • Avoid running – Never run outside if there’s ice or snow on the ground. You should watch your step and navigate through the dangerous conditions cautiously.
    • Don’t carry anything heavy – Maintaining your balance is more challenging if you carry heavy items. Having something in your hands can prevent you from catching yourself if you slip or notice hazards in the path ahead.
    • Hold onto railings – You can use walls, railings, door knobs, and other stationary objects to brace yourself while walking on slippery surfaces. Holding onto something sturdy keeps you balanced and can prevent you from losing your footing.
    • Choose proper footwear – You should wear winter boots or shoes with slip-resistant materials on the soles. Slip and falls often occur during winter because people don’t wear the right shoes. Although winter gear can be bulky and unappealing, winter footwear is necessary to keep you steady on your feet. Wear them while walking on ice or through the snow and change into other shoes when you arrive at your destination.
    • Keep your hands out of your pockets – You shouldn’t walk anywhere with your hands in your pockets. You might not react quickly enough to catch yourself if you slip. Keep your hands free wherever you walk in winter to break your fall if necessary.

    Steps to Take After a Slip and Fall Injury

    You should go to the hospital or your doctor’s office immediately after getting hurt in a slip and fall. Seeking medical care after an accident is crucial. The physician can examine you and determine a diagnosis and treatment plan. If they recommend follow-up care or appointments with a specialist, listen to their orders.

    Treating an injury after a slip and fall improves your chance of recovering and securing compensation in a personal injury case. Insurance companies often review a claimant’s medical records to decide whether to offer a settlement. Gaps in treatment and missed doctor’s appointments can damage your case and lead to a denied claim or inadequate settlement offer.

    Maintain all documents associated with the slip and fall. You should keep copies of every physician’s note, surgical report, physical therapy record, and billing statement. Evidence is valuable in proving who is at fault and showing you are entitled to compensation for your injury.

    You can also benefit from hiring a slip and fall lawyer. They have experience investigating this type of case and gathering evidence to show a property owner is negligent in causing the accident. Attempting to pursue legal action yourself increases the likelihood of an unfavorable result.

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