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  • Key Questions to Ask Your Divorce Lawyer During the First Meeting

    A divorce can be traumatic and emotionally painful. Even if it’s amicable, you might feel overwhelmed by the process. Negotiating property division, child custody, and other issues can be stressful. You must have an experienced Divorce Attorney to help you navigate legal proceedings and achieve your desired outcome.

    You can determine the Divorce Lawyer suitable for you by asking specific questions. Below are the questions you should ask during your initial consultation.

    How Do You Communicate with Your Clients?

    An essential question is about communication. You should know how to get in touch with your Lawyer during your case.

    Discussing communication preferences is also important. You and the Lawyer might prefer methods such as:

    • In-person meetings
    • Emails
    • Texts
    • Phone calls
    • Video calls

    If the Attorney you meet with likes electronic communication but you prefer face-to-face appointments, they’re likely not the right fit.

    Ask when the Lawyer is available for their clients. Knowing you have a live person to talk to at all hours of the day can offer peace of mind. You might want to hire someone with 24/7 availability or a personal cell phone number they give to clients.

    You should also ask about their staff. It is crucial to know whether you’ll work with your Lawyer one-on-one or with their team members. You might want to talk only with your Lawyer, or you might be okay with speaking with support staff, paralegals, or administrative assistants at times. Ask to meet the people you’ll be talking to.

    The most important aspect of communication is feeling comfortable with the people you talk to and their responsiveness. You might require frequent updates, and if the Divorce Lawyer mentions they’re only available during regular business hours, you should consider hiring a different firm if that doesn’t work for you.

    How Much Experience Do You Have with Divorce Cases?

    You should ask about a Divorce Lawyer’s experience with cases similar to yours. You should hire someone who knows state laws and legal procedures. A General Practice Attorney likely isn’t the best choice for you. They might dabble in multiple types of law without comprehensively grasping divorce cases.

    A reputable Divorce Attorney handles all aspects of Family Law, including child custody, alimony, property division, and child support. You should have an experienced and skilled Lawyer to seamlessly manage every stage of your divorce. If they inform you of their extensive knowledge in other areas of law but speak minimally about divorces, they probably don’t have the experience you want.

    Can I See Your Client Testimonials or Reviews?

    A trusted Lawyer should not have a problem giving potential clients access to reviews from prior and current clients. They might have a page on their website or links to third-party sites with testimonials about their work.

    You should review what people say about your prospective Divorce Attorney. Steer clear of anyone with significantly more negative reviews than positives. You should also pay attention to the specifics different people mention and decide if they align with what you want.

    For example, if multiple people mention a Lawyer’s attentiveness, you should consider hiring them if you want personal attention.

    Get the Help You Need with Anchor Legal Group, PLLC

    Getting divorced is a major step. It is a choice you should not take lightly. Although you know it’s the best decision for you and your family, the process is something you should not tackle alone. You deserve a dedicated and qualified Divorce Lawyer to protect your rights and work toward the outcome you desire.

    If you’re going through a divorce, call Anchor Legal Group, PLLC at (757) 529-000 for a confidential consultation with a Divorce Attorney in Virginia Beach, VA.