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  • What to Do After a Car Accident

    Getting hurt in a car crash produces various emotions. You feel a sudden surge of adrenaline and might experience shock, fear, confusion, and disorientation. If your injury is severe, you’re likely also in pain. If the accident was someone else’s fault, you’re probably angry, too.

    Determining what to do next isn’t a simple decision if you’re not thinking clearly. However, knowing how to handle a car accident can improve your chance of recovering, holding the at-fault party liable, and securing maximum compensation.

    Below are the steps you should take if you sustain injuries in a car wreck.

    Report the Accident to Law Enforcement

    Virginia Code § 46.371 requires drivers involved in accidents causing someone else’s injury or death to report what happened to law enforcement immediately. An officer will arrive at the scene to investigate. They should complete an accident report with their findings.

    You can request a copy of the officer’s report when it becomes available. It might help prove who is at fault. However, accident reports aren’t fact-based documents. They contain the investigating officer’s opinions and observations.

    Even if the report states someone else caused the crash, it doesn’t necessarily mean the insurance company will agree and offer a settlement. You must obtain additional evidence to establish liability.

    Collect Evidence at the Scene

    Remembering every detail of a car crash can be challenging, especially if your injury is severe. You might be unable to get out of your car and survey the scene. However, if you can, and it’s safe to do so, look for evidence around you. You should take pictures of vehicle damage, road debris, and visible injuries.

    You must also get insurance information from every driver involved in the collision. One of them might be at fault. Knowing which insurance company to file a claim with after determining who was at fault is helpful.

    You can also talk to bystanders. Eyewitness statements are valuable in car accident cases. They can inform you of what they saw. They might be able to support your version of events to the insurance company or testify on your behalf in court.

    Seek Medical Treatment

    You must go to the hospital or your doctor’s office immediately after leaving the accident scene. A medical examination is critical even if your injury is minor or you don’t have symptoms. The shock of a car wreck can diminish your perception of how severe your injury could be. Symptoms might not appear until hours or days later.

    In your initial emergency room visit, the doctor can determine the nature and extent of your injuries. If the physician recommends follow-up care, listen to their instructions. You should continue treating your injury until your medical providers release you from their care or you recover.

    Maintain Records Related to the Accident

    You should write down every detail you remember about the crash while it’s fresh. Note the weather conditions, where you were traveling, your actions before the accident, and whether you saw another driver do something that could have contributed to the collision.

    Documenting your injuries is also crucial. List your symptoms and indicate how your injuries affect your routine. Mention whether your symptoms prevent you from working, caring for yourself, or participating in activities you enjoy.

    You must also keep copies of every document related to the crash during your ongoing case. That can include your medical bills, X-rays, prescriptions, and physical therapy notes. Substantial evidence can show you were injured and help your Attorney calculate your expenses.

    Speak to an Experienced Car Accident Lawyer in Virginia Beach

    You must take immediate action after sustaining injuries in a car wreck. Following the necessary steps can help you recover the compensation you deserve.

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