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  • Category: Car Accidents

    How Much Does it Cost if I am Hospitalized After My Car Accident?

    A car accident can cause an abundance of anxiety for the victim and their loved ones. There is often emotional or psychological trauma in addition to physical injuries. When injuries require surgery or hospitalization, the financial stress can be overwhelming for the victim. Hospital stays can cost thousands of dollars each day. However, there are […]

    What are the Dangers of Highway Driving?

    When the construction of connected roadways first began, the face of American travel and commerce changed. As more roads were built, the easier it became to transport goods across the country. However, such progress increased vehicle accidents, particularly those involving trucks. Highway accidents routinely account for a large percentage of all traffic accidents, injuries, and […]

    What are the Best Automotive Technologies of 2021?

    Every year, car manufacturers roll out new technologies within new styles. For 2021, these technologies include integrated systems to help improve driver safety and reduce crashes and injuries. Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) employ cameras, videos, sensors, and software to effectively warn and assist drivers of potential dangers or adverse driving conditions. ADAS includes some […]

    Volvo to Improve Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety in Vehicles

    Throughout past decades, automobile manufacturers have made great strides toward improving vehicle safety. Consumer Reports describes some of today’s advanced auto safety systems, including automatic emergency braking, forward collision warning, lane keeping assistance, and rear cross traffic warning. Yet, many of these have not adequately addressed how vehicles can be safer for pedestrians and cyclists. […]