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    Can a Lawyer Help Me Start a Church?

    Starting a church involves a detailed process that can be heavily legal. The steps you take at the beginning of the process can determine whether your church may run smoothly. It is best to contact a lawyer at the beginning of the process. They can help set up your church for success. Here is how […]

    Five Reasons a Church Needs a Lawyer

    Churches cannot operate without regard for the legal environment. Otherwise, they could risk their finances and continued ability to serve congregants. Every church needs a lawyer to help them be proactive and help them avoid potential legal pitfalls. Investing in legal help now can mean that a church avoids problems in the future. Here are […]

    NHTSA Eyeing Recall of 52 Million Airbags

    The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced plans to initiate a mandatory recall of more than 52 million vehicle airbags manufactured by ARC Automotive, Inc. and Delphi Systems, LLC over a design defect that presents an “unreasonable risk of death and injury.” An eight-year NHTSA investigation determined that ARC-manufactured front driver and passenger […]