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    Is Risk Management a Concern for Churches?

    Churches, even though they are non-profits, can be sued just like any other entity. These churches need to focus on risk management, both to protect other people and their bottom line. There are a series of steps that your church must take to provide a safe environment. Risk management is part of the stewardship of […]

    What to Do if Your Church Is Being Sued

    Churches can be sued just like any other organization. Being sued is one of the greatest nightmares that your church can face. The potential liability can put your church at risk. There are mistakes that you should avoid because they can make a bad situation worse. You should hire an attorney immediately after you find […]

    Who Can Be a Beneficiary in Your Will?

    When determining the property’s disposition in your will, you need to select people or entities that will receive the property. Perhaps the most crucial part of drafting your will is determining the beneficiaries and what portion of your property they will receive. You need to consider the beneficiaries in your will carefully. These are the […]

    Mistakes Churches Make When Hiring

    Hiring decisions are crucial for your church. Not only are church employees responsible for your congregants’ experience, but they are also making vital decisions on behalf of the church. If your church makes a mistake, it could cost money in terms of potential liability and wasted resources. Here are mistakes that churches make when hiring […]

    How Can I Ensure I Build a Strong Board of Directors?

    Oversight is critical for any nonprofit organization, and churches are no different. While church employees carry out their responsibilities and provide spiritual guidance for the congregants, each church needs a qualified board to set the direction and make significant decisions. Selecting people for the board and outlining their responsibilities requires great foresight. A strong, pragmatic, […]