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    What can I Do if a Civil Rights Violation Caused the Death of My Loved One?

    When someone’s death occurs due to the negligence of a person or entity, surviving family members can bring a civil lawsuit against the responsible party. This lawsuit is called a wrongful death lawsuit. Under Virginia law, wrongful death is defined as a death caused by another party’s wrongful act or neglect. Another way to think […]

    What Should I Say to Insurance Companies After a Car Accident?

    Auto insurance companies are highly experienced in dealing with just about any car accident that could happen. Very little occurs on roadways that auto insurance companies have not handled many times in the past. That makes car insurance companies especially skillful at cutting their costs at the expense of insured parties. Whenever an insurance adjuster […]

    How can an Attorney Help Me Start a New Church?

    It may seem unusual for a church to have an attorney, but nearly all churches are structured as nonprofit organizations and are registered with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). That means they must follow specific business and accounting practices. Any type of religious organization can benefit from legal counsel. A nonprofit organization will need a […]

    How can a Lawyer Help With a Church Event?

    A church serves its community in many ways. Churches often act as a central point for congregants to gather. They may also put on frequent community events for anyone to take part in and allow outside organizations to use the church property and facilities to put on their own events. When a church puts on […]

    What are Common Civil Rights Violations?

    Every U.S. citizen is guaranteed a certain set of rights and freedoms. When another person or entity infringes on those rights, it could be a civil rights violation. These violations can occur both at the federal and state levels. Every person has federal protections. Many states, including Virginia, have enacted additional protections for residents as […]

    How can I Protect Myself from Reckless Motorists?

    The safest drivers make sure to always drive carefully, following the rules of the road and being aware of everything that is around them. Yet even the most conscientious motorists cannot control what other drivers do. Reckless motorists threaten everyone’s safety and are often seen speeding, running through red lights, and texting at the wheel. […]

    Will Dashcam Footage Help My Car Accident Claim?

    Modern vehicles are equipped with a wide range of advanced safety features that can help prevent serious car accidents. However, car accidents continue to happen due to a range of factors, including driver error, inclement weather, and poor road conditions. When an accident occurs and no property damage or injuries are involved, is very important […]