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    How to Identify Aggressive Driving

    Many car accidents are preventable. From drunk to distracted drivers, the common denominator in many car crashes is human error. Aggressive driving, otherwise known as road rage or reckless driving, is another form of unsafe driving behavior that puts the drivers and those around them in danger. To keep yourself and your passengers safe, it […]

    “Be Alert!” is Next Up in the Ethics for Life and Business Series at ICCI, by Anchor Legal’s Steve Lentz

    Stephen D. Lentz, Esq., founder of Lentz Law Group and co-founder of Anchor Legal Group, PLLC, has authored a second article in the series Ethics for Life and Business. Steve’s recent piece, “Be Alert!”, was adapted from his book, Bulletproof: Business Protection Strategies from a War Zone. In “Be Alert!” Steve discusses his experience as […]

    Can You Sue a Drunk Driver?

    Drunk driving remains a serious issue and a threat to drivers and their passengers in Virginia and across the nation. According to 2017 data from the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, twelve alcohol-related crashes happened daily on average. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) figures suggest that one third of individuals can expect to be […]

    How Effective Are My Car’s Safety Features?

    Most vehicles are equipped with basic safety features like airbags, antilock brakes, and three-point seatbelts which are shown to reduce accidents and injuries. Recent developments in vehicle safety have also led to more advanced driver-assist technologies designed to prevent crashes before they occur, but are they really making our cars, trucks, and SUVs safer? The […]

    What Legal Concerns Should Churches Be Aware of?

    A house of worship enjoys many legal benefits that enable it to continue providing church members with regular religious and community outreach services. They often are exempt from paying a variety of taxes and benefit from constitutional protections. Those protections are not absolute, and many churches wind up litigating many legal issues. From civil disputes […]

    Anchor Legal Group Announces Steve Lentz’s New Book, It Was Never About the Ketchup!: The Leadership Legacy of H.J. Heinz.

    Anchor Legal Group, PLLC, is proud to announce the publication of firm partner Stephen D. Lentz’s new book, It Was Never About the Ketchup!: The Leadership Legacy of H.J. Heinz. In the new book, Steve explores the idea that each of us is created with the potential to make this world a better place because […]

    Anchor Legal Group, PLLC Welcomes Charles D. Pittman, Jr., Esq. to the Firm

    Anchor Legal Group, PLLC is pleased to announce that Charles “Charlie” D. Pittman, Jr. has joined our team. Mr. Pittman brings years of experience and a record of excellence in real estate transactions, title insurance, and real estate investment business matters. We are pleased to add his dedicated legal service and extensive knowledge of Virginia […]