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    Why Does a Church Need an Attorney?

    Religious institutions of all faiths are generally structured as nonprofit entities and are subject to specific business and accounting standards and responsibilities. Even smaller churches are considered nonprofits because they operate for religious purposes. Any type of religious organization can benefit from legal counsel. While it may seem odd for a church to be involved […]

    What Should I Consider When Forming a Church Board?

    For a church to maintain its non-profit status, they must have an oversight board. This board is mainly in charge of ensuring that the ministry is financially stable and is fulfilling its core mission. Members need to be chosen carefully, dedicate themselves to the church’s mission, and educate others on important church topics. Church boards […]

    How can I Protect My Church’s Assets?

    Handling your church’s finances can be difficult and unique challenges may arise. There are many churches that have lost valuable assets because they did not have the right legal protection or the correct people handling their accounts. Dishonesty and fraud are two common occurrences that happen within the finances of all organizations, including churches. Churches […]